The Fan Film Project is dedicated to creating the largest network of Independent Film Makers, Special FX crews, CG Artists, etc., by gathering talent up from around the globe for the sole purpose of creating amazing works of cinematography. 

 We are working to open up Branches of this organization in every city in every country around the world and are providing intern positions for people to Manage and run these Branches.

 There is a lot of talent out there ready to take on the challenges of creating great works of cinematography but lack the connections or resources to make a go of it. 

 We’re here to gather those talents together to make “Independent Films and series”. We're starting out with smaller projects to help work out the details and methods of combining the talents of people working together from various areas around the globe through Skype and file sharing.

 Hollywood has the resources, but as you can see from the number of films coming out that have been written in a weekend and are so effects heavy that they topple over, they indeed lack the heart and drive to create great works. 

 George Lucas was one of us. He did not have a lot to work with, but fortunately for us he was able to get the help he needed to create the Star Wars Saga. Many hours of research and talking with experts in the areas of religion and politics were poured into his films and the volume of work that went into the planning of it showed. Star Wars was not one of the typical weekend projects that we see coming out today. 

 Right now we’re the underdogs, the unknowns, the “Rocky Balboas” of the film world, but we’re going to work together and come out swinging and Hollywood’s not going to know what hit it.

It’s time to start creating some quality pieces of work and remind people what this is all about. 

 Thanks to the Internet, many people are able to work together without having to be in the same room together, or even the same continent. We are working together to create a network of unrecognized talent and form our own CG and Special FX crews, our own talent pools of Makeup Artists and Actors.

 Our beginnings are in creating “Short Films and Web Series” - not the traditional backyard projects most people are familiar with but great feats of cinematography. There are more than enough of us out there to pull this off; we just need to network to make this happen.

We are seeking out motivated people willing to lend a hand where needed, not come to us looking for a hand out. Anyone coming here just looking for a paycheck, then this is NOT for you, if you're just looking for quick money, then go flip a burger. This is about passion and commitment, living the dream, not dreaming about living.

 We're working to help lift each other up as a community through opportunity, training and the sharing of knowledge in a spirit of cooperation, each person contributing their talents and resources. We work together sharing techniques and methods to build each other up and make everyone more of an asset than ever before to become the best we can be by becoming more rounded and knowledgeable of what is involved in film making. 

The end to the means of the success of this project is in starting our own streaming Television network that will be running 24/7 in the standard Television style format with content exclusive to independent film projects from around the globe.

We will be gathering Films and Web series as well as creating our own.

 So if you’ve got the talent and the drive to succeed and are ready to beat the crap out of the whole “How can you get a job without experience and how can you get experience without a job” scenario that’s been staring you in the face, then this is your opportunity to stop just dreaming about being in the film industry and do it.

 Let’s roll up our sleeves, put our talents together and get the entertainment industry back on track.